God's Open House

Posts from August 2015

Good News ! The Church Library has re-opened.

All books, including children’s books, are now in our attractive temporary location downstairs.  Look for our sign in the hallway near our church offices.  A special display of “New to our Shelves” Books awaits you.  Come Visit us soon, and remember, we are never closed. See you at the Church Library, Barbara, Connie, and Jill

Nursery Remodeling Project

Perhaps you have noticed the bright colors shining out of nursery, if not you may want to take a peek!  Our updated nursery is now a plethora of colors with animals appearing on the walls ready to welcome our youngest members. This remodeling project was made possible by a donation from Our Presbyterian Women, and the talents of The Property Committee, Nicole…

Thank you to all of the VBS volunteers:

Renee Sheridan, Judee Tamaska, Merri Owen, Marilyn Rabbai, Dawn Jurkiewicz, Lauren Hoffman, Linda Davis Shannon, Nicolle Wichart, Karla Langlois, Lynne Lowe, Meredith Owen, Julie Weikart, Bev Currier, Nancy Stewart, Caleb Tamaska, Noah Tamaska, Sharon Ondah, the youth group of the Woodbury Presbyterian Church and everyone who contributed food, prayers, time and energy in countless ways to make the past week successful. The…