God's Open House

An Evening Meal: Online Communion with First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church will be holding online Communion service as part of our Compline service on Friday, June 26th, at 8:00pm. We will be joining together via Zoom, and you can join by clicking on this link at 8:00 on Friday: An Evening Meal. If you are prompted for a password, use Jean Calvin’s birthday – 7101509.

Please download this liturgy so that you can join with us in prayer: An Evening Meal; Online Communion June 26th.

How to Prepare

At its simplest, Communion is a meal. In this shared meal, we remember the sacrifice of Christ, whose body and blood are poured out for us all. When we take communion together, we are formed into one body—with each other and with Christ. In bread and wine, we receive the grace of Christ, being joined with him in sacrifice so that we can be joined with him in resurrection. Communion is a reminder that in our baptism we were set apart for a holy purpose, sustained and nourished by God’s Holy Spirit.

As we invite you to join us for a Communion Service on June 26th, 2020, we ask that you carefully prepare yourself to receive the body and blood of our Lord.

Before the Service:

  • Prepare a space: Set aside somewhere to worship God and prepare that place for worship. In our sanctuary, we put the table, baptismal font, and Holy Scripture in places of privilege. Consider how your space can reflect your understanding of partaking in communion.   
  • Download a copy of the Worship Liturgy above, so that you can participate in the prayers and readings.
  • Prepare the elements: Select a cup, plate and elements that represent your household. The Directory of Worship states: “The bread used for the Lord’s Supper should be common to the culture of the congregation” W3.0413. You do not need something perfect to receive the sacraments, but something ordinary. Please don’t make an extra trip to get elements, but use what is at hand, as God does.  

Some possibilities for bread:                     Some possibilities for beverage:

any kind of bread                                                      grape juice

crackers                                                                      any other type of juice

pita                                                                             wine

chips                                                                           water


  • Prepare yourself: Wash your hands as a reminder that you have been made clean by the grace of God. Every time we gather at the Table, we are called to be reminded of our baptismal promises, so participating in a hand washing—something that all of us are already adhering to—reminds us that God continually makes the ordinary sacred.
  • Prepare your heart: Intentionally spend time in God’s Word through study and prayer. Open yourself to hear God’s voice, so that you can receive the grace of God and the call of God as we join together.

During the Service:

  • The Celebrant will guide you through the Invitation, Prayer of Thanksgiving, and Words of Institution as we usually do in worship together.
  • When it is time to partake, Pastor Drew will invite everyone to eat the bread and drink from the cup at the appropriate time.
  • Since we are worshiping together on Zoom, please mute yourself unless you are asked to speak, so that inadvertent noises, phone calls, etc. do not distract others from the service.

After the Service:

  • Give thanks! To Christ who has saved you and given you new life.
  • Dispose of the Elements Appropriately: Food and drink that have been consecrated to God are holy, and we respect God’s holiness and good stewardship by treating them appropriately. We encourage you to eat the rest of what has been blessed. If you prefer not to consume it, please return the elements to the earth with respect to their holiness and purpose.

Thank you for joining together with the Pitman Presbyterian family in celebration of God’s grace and love!