God's Open House

Announcing Adopt-a-Chime!

We recently needed to replace our wonderful, but well-worn, 29-year-old set of hand chimes. Chimes are accessible, versatile, durable musical instruments. They are loved and used by Tyler Bell Choir, Sunshine Singers, Sanctuary Choir, Easter Sunrise singers, and last but not least, VBS music makers of ALL ages. We were able to take advantage of a discount offered by the Malmark Company and purchase a new basic set for under $1200.00. All of these chimes are included in the set:  G4  G#4  A4  A#4  B4  C5  C#5  D5  D#5  E5  F5  F#5  G5  G#5  A5  A#5  B5  C6  C#6  D6  D#6  E6  F6  F#6  G6. We appreciate a donation in ANY amount, but if you would like to adopt one or more chimes, each one is $45. (Pastor Drew has dibs on G5!)

Please send your gifts to Kathi Lynch. Checks can be made payable to Pitman Presbyterian Church with a note in the memo: Adopt-A-Chime. Thank you for your support of our church music program!