God's Open House

Back-to-School Bingo

The Sunday School children will be participating in a service project with Back-to-School Supplies. On August 28th, the Sunday School children are encouraged to bring a Back-to-School supply/supplies which will then be donated to an organization (Food Pantry/World Church Services) to be distributed to children in need. The Sunday School children will be playing Bingo and will be able to win school supplies as well as part of the fun. If you have any questions, please contact Merri Owen at bmowen1@verizon.net. Looking forward to having many children participate!

Suggested School Supplies:

  • blunt scissors (rounded tip only)
  • 70-count bound notebooks or notebooks totaling 200-210 pages (no loose-leaf or filler paper)
  • 30-centimeter / 12” ruler
  • handheld pencil sharpener removed
  • large eraser (no pencil cap erasers)
  • unsharpened pencils with erasers
  • box of 24 crayons (only 24)