God's Open House

Buddy Program Meeting-April 14th, After Service

Every child needs at least 5 adults in their life who are in their corner. Our goal is to build
strong relationships between children and adults in the congregation so that our kids grow up in
beloved community with strong role models guiding them, nurturing them, and rooting for them.

Children will be paired with one or more adults to be a Buddy for them. Buddies will
make intentional connections by greeting and engaging with them, sitting together in
worship on occasion, joining together in outings, attending sports events or performances, and
reaching out outside of church (mail, phone, etc) on a regular basis.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in whether you are a parent whose child will be interested in being matched or an adult who would like to be a Buddy, please join us right after church on Sunday, April 14.  For more information or if you cannot make the information session and you are interested in the Buddy program, please reach out to Kim Gilmore – 856-912-2035 or kim.gilmore@pitmanpres.org.