God's Open House


Quick Meeting for SLP Volunteers

To: Summer Lunch Program Volunteers Thank you so much for volunteering to assist with our Summer Lunch Program Mission Project. Your help is so important in providing these lunches to the children in Pitman who normally receive free or reduced lunches during the school year. You have already received written instructions about the process, but a few things have changed from the last year. We want to make…

Please help us with our fundraiser.

PW has nuts remaining for sale: 6 Pecans     8 Glazed Pecans     6 Walnuts     4 Cashews     27 Salted Pecans Additionally, we have Wawa shortie coupons costing $3.75. They cover the cost of a shortie, even if the price increases. Please contact Sandy Lovelace.

“Clowns” Needed! Join Joy Troupe

“If you wear a rubber nose for a week, your life will be changed because you will get in touch with the joy you bring to the world.” – Dr. Hunter “Path” Adams… The Joy Troupe has been a part of our church since 1995. Many “clowns” have been a part of the Troupe; some for a year, some for even ten…