God's Open House

“Clowns” Needed! Join Joy Troupe

“If you wear a rubber nose for a week, your life will be changed because you will get in touch with the joy you bring to the world.” – Dr. Hunter “Path” Adams… The Joy Troupe has been a part of our church since 1995. Many “clowns” have been a part of the Troupe; some for a year, some for even ten years. We need you to help keep this ministry a part of our church. If you’d like to find a way to serve, to make a difference, to make people smile and feel special and remind them that we are all children of God, the Joy Troupe is for you. Looking for a way to share your theatrical talents? Don’t know if you have talents but would like to find out if they are hidden within you? The Joy Troupe is for you! The Troupe has gone through many transitions over the years. You no longer have to learn how to apply clown makeup or wear a costume, nor do you have to commit to meeting once a week to perform throughout area churches, schools and nursing homes as we once did. We now mainly wear a red nose and Joy Troupe t-shirt and most of our ministry is “performing” the children’s sermon on a few Sundays throughout the year. We can work around your schedule if you’d like to take part, and it is not necessary to be a member of First Presbyterian Pitman, so if you know of an interested person, please pass this information along. Not all clowns need participate in every “skit,” so there is a lot of flexibility in performance schedules. All ages and abilities are welcome. If you think you are interested and would like to find out more, please contact Marilyn Scanlon by email or phone.