God's Open House

Congregation Meeting Sunday, June 12th!

The Nominating Committee is proud to announce the list of those members willing to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee. They are, in alphabetical order, Suzanne Carson, Karen Daly, Vicki Downing, Ron Griffith, Lauren Hoffman, Stephen Hwang, Barry Owen, Jason Russell, and Lionel Stewart. Election of this important committee will be held on Sunday, June 12th after the 10:00 service. Please make every effort to be there as they are introduced, vote according to your wishes, and pray for them regularly as they begin to seek a new pastor for our church. Members of the 2016 Nominating Committee were Trustee Sarah Donofrio, members-at-large Don Zimmerman, Barbara Stech, Beverly Donofrio, and Elder/Clerk of Session Connie Bradley. We are truly grateful for their willingness to serve and believe they will represent us very, very well. Remember the date for election is Sunday, June 12th!