God's Open House

Coupon Clipping Update

Congratulations! With your support, $13,000 in coupons were mailed to “Support Our Troops” today! How did I know they were worth that much? Let me explain the step-by-step directions to donating the coupons:

  • coupons must be individually clipped
  • sorted into four categories: food, non-food, baby, pet
  • sorted again in expired and not expired
  • placed into individual baggies with value, category, and expiration information on a label on the baggie

When done each of those steps, I added up each baggie total and got around $13,000! Wow! Special thanks to my coffee hour helpers and those of you who have clipped the coupons before you placed them in the box. How can you help in the future? If possible, clip the coupons. If you can’t, let me know and maybe we can set up a group clipping event. Again, thank you for your support! If you want to learn more about “Support Our Troops”, go to their website supportourtroops.org. -Beverly Donofrio and the I&O Committee