God's Open House

Easter Eve Breakfast

Creation Care Breakfast on Easter Eve at the Pitman Road Church of Christ in their Family Life Center, from 9 til 11. Tickets are available. President of Pitman Borough Council, Paul Blass will speak, as well as Dare Euler, Education Commissioner of Pitman Environmental Commission. A full breakfast will be served, sponsored by the Pitman Council of Churches.

When does recycling help and when does it hurt? Come and learn more on April 20. God has given us the earth and charged us to take care of it. How are we doing on that front? What can residents of South Jersey do to better care for our environment? Tickets for adults are $5 and children 3-12 are $3. All ticket sales will fund Pitman High School Scholarship Fund. This Breakfast is hosted by the Pitman Council of Churches and tickets can be purchased in advance from churches or from Mama Marie’s in Pitman or from Pitman Jewelry. Send an email to the Church Office to reserve yours now.