God's Open House

Pie & Youth Cupcake Bake Off!

Calling All Bakers!

Bring your best pies (adults) and cupcakes (youth) to the Social Hall on Sunday, Sept. 17th
Bakers whose pies or cupcakes receive the most votes will receive prizes and bragging rights.

Pie Bake-Off
There are only 3 rules:
1. All types of sweet pies are allowed, including refrigerator pies.
2. No store-bought pies or savory (e.g. meat pies) allowed.
3. No pie-throwing allowed. (We’ll be watching you people who bring cream pies.)

Cupcake Bake-Off
Must deliver 8 or more cupcakes for tasting
Must be 18 years old or YOUNGER. (If there’s any doubt, we will card you.)