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First Presbyterian Church’s Plan to Resume In-Person Activities

We miss you all so deeply, and cannot wait to be able to resume indoor in-person worship. We do not have a date to return to sanctuary worship on Sundays yet. Session and staff are watching the virus in New Jersey and how other institutions are navigating resuming in-person activities, and will be making the decision to return to in-person activities when they feel it is safe and reasonable to do so.

In the meantime, Session, Trustees, Deacons, and Staff have been working together to put a plan in place so that we are ready to resume in-person worship. Session approved this plan at the beginning of August, and is publishing it now so that you can see our structure and know what to expect, and so that people can read the plan and make proposals to improve or strengthen it where we have fallen short. We deeply appreciate all thoughtful suggestions. You’ll find the plan below.

First Presbyterian Church Plan to Resume In-Person Activities