God's Open House

Guest Pastor August 6th: Rev. Deb Trevino

Debra (Deb) Trevino is a graduate of the Washington Bible College and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and an ordained minister of the PC (U.S.A.).  She welcomes the opportunity to serve as pulpit supply in the areas surrounding Newark, DE.

She is married to David, a musician, audio production specialist, audio editor and author of the Jack Rondell Mystery short story series in progress.

The Trevinos share their home with Deb’s sixth Seeing Eye dog, Molly. 

Deb enjoys reading, knitting, crocheting, and has published a crochet pattern book for a Christmas afghan and two pieces in the second anthology of the Brandywine Writers Circle.  She enjoys journaling and has won awards for her writing in high school. 

Deb has been a six-year member of the Presbyterians for Disability Concerns Committee and expects to incorporate Disability Advocacy in their business as she seeks to help all of God’s children find their unique place of service and fulfillment in the body of Christ. 

Read more about the Trevinos at www.trevcoproductions.com