God's Open House

Handicapped Parking

By motion of the Board of Deacons and unanimous approval by the Session, all parking spaces behind the church will be HANDICAPPED PARKING ONLY on Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm. This means your car, van or truck must display a hang tag or license plate indicating that it is registered as a vehicle with handicapped parking privileges to park in one of the 9 spaces closest to the church. This policy will be strictly enforced beginning Sunday January 11, 2015. This means that the parking lot will be checked to ensure proper authorization for parking; three friendly reminders will be issued before other more assertive responses to unauthorized parking take place. Please respect this new policy. We hope this is of some benefit and encouragement to many who struggle to physically enter the building to worship. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Any questions, please see a church officer or Pastor Pat.