God's Open House

Join the Joy Troupe

Have you considered how the performing arts benefit kids? Think about it:

  1. Kids who perform are quick thinkers – whether you are a kid of an adult – the ability to stay calm and carry on is what kids learn when something goes wrong while performing.
  2. Performers express different emotions – for a short period of time, you get to become someone else.
  3. Performers see the world in a while new way – by simply being a part of a performance – a child is exposed to a new way of thinking and doing, and that alone is a success to be proud of.
  4. Kids that perform in the Joy Troupe make a difference in the lives of us all, by reminding us that we are all children of God, and sometimes touching us deeply with truth.

First Presbyterian in Pitman’s JOY Troupe over the last years has moved away from its “clown beginnings.” Church members have probably noticed the troupe wearing JOY Troupe t-shirts more often than clown attire. This will continue. If you are interested in performing with us this year please look for a form on the table below the church bulletin board (return it to Marilyn Scanlon or place it in the offering plate). Or, you can contact Marilyn Scanlon. All ages are welcome!