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If we told you that the children’s books on display by the windows at the Church Library should be read only by parents and other adults, would you think that was strange? Well, that is exactly what we do suggest! These books from the section called “Life Lessons for Kids” are very special and could be so helpful to your child. However, we ask you to preview the book first to decide if it is appropriate for your child’s situation and maturity level. As adults, we often feel inadequate as we try to help a child we love through a difficult “life lesson.” Often, the best way to deal with it is to find a good story book which will help the child identify with the characters and emotions in the story which can lead to learning a “life lesson.” In so many cases, it works! or at least opens the door to a conversation about the story with your child. Here is a sampling of topics available – but just a sampling: loss of a pet, racism, visiting the doctor, a new baby arriving, serious illness of a parent, moving, loss of a job by a parent, adoption, divorce, sportsmanship, starting kindergarten, loss of a family member, bullying, relating to handicapped people, sharing, and more… If your child is going through a difficult time in the future, we hope you will remember becoming somewhat familiar with our “Life Lessons for Kids” books. Please browse and/or borrow them from this display soon.


In the children’s section of the library, you will find many interesting books about Martin Luther King, Jr. and related civil rights topics.