God's Open House

Love is in the Air!

Happy Valentine’s Day! How about a fun, short term, fairly easy way to show your LOVE for our church by being a part of the Building Fund Dinner team? Our Building Fund Dinner, an evolving church family event for the past three years, has become a grand evening of fun and fellowship for attendees and a significant fundraiser ($5,011 in 2017) for our building fund. The roots of its success have been the helping hands of our church family working together. After prayerful consideration, Patty Januszewski and Jennifer Grenier, who have headed this event for the past two years, have decided to step back from its leadership role. Over the past three years they have developed a very workable format for producing the event. On tap for 2018 is the next decade of our church history, the 1940’s! Possible preliminary plans are already created. You may wish to be the Chairperson in the following “LOVE” opportunities or a helper for a part. It does “take a village!” You may also want to share a job with a friend. For more specific information, contact Patty or Jennifer. The areas/leadership positions are the following:

  • General Manager: to oversee the event and offer support to the other leaders.
  • Cashier: to manage ticket sales, collect and account for the money.
  • Auction: to oversee the collection of donated items and set up for the auction All forms and letters are available.
  • Kitchen: to solicit food donations, manage serving and kitchen crew.
  • Publicity: to create publicity: posters, Cornerstone notices, and event program. Samples available.
  • Decoration: to oversee and assemble a team to design a decorating plan that connects to the theme.
  • Entertainment: to organize performers and related arrangements. (Some preliminary possible performers have been contacted already.)

Maybe you feel that you don’t know how to do this, but the previous coordinators can tell you that they were being guided by the Holy Spirit through their flow of ideas and solutions! Both very thrilling and humbling! No matter the job, you’re never alone in this work! In addition, they have every letter, list and detail used and anyone who chooses to say yes to the next fundraiser event has their unfailing support. Our prayer is that you will have the same experience of deepening faith through service. May God bless every thought you have and action you take as you consider this call. To participate notify Jennifer or Patty.