God's Open House

Mark Your Calendar for Fun

Time is flying! Summer will soon be upon us and THEN comes our Fall 30-30-30 Event, our benefit dinner for our building fund. The theme: “The Thirties,” the date: September 30, and the cost $30 for adults, $20 for kids 11 and under. Our plans for an evening of fun at our 1930’s Fall Fling are shaping up! Begin thinking about a Hobo costume, anything from jeans and a flannel shirt to whatever! Easy and fun if you so choose! More details to come, but on schedule is a pig roast, grilled chicken, and a soup line! We have a spectacular 30’s music program lined up including Snow White and Kate Smith. In remembrance of “A Chicken in Every Pot,” there will be Chicken Chunking! You won’t want to miss this event so get it on your calendar! Despite that the 30’s were a very hard time for our country with the Dust Bowl on top of the Depression, Americans kept chugging along and lots of things were happening and being created.

Here are a few facts:

In 1930:

  • Clarence Birdseye began to sell the first frozen foods
  • Clyde Tombaugh identifies Pluto which becomes our 9th named planet, which just recently was deemed NOT a planet
  • Air Mail service begins across the Atlantic