God's Open House

New Presbyterian Hymnal

Our Worship Committee is evaluating the new Presbyterian hymnal “Glory to God”. At the 2004 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) a committee was commissioned to create a new Presbyterian Hymnal. The fruit of this 15 member committee’s labor was published in 2013. “Glory to God’ contains 853 hymns, at least 50% of which are from older hymnal editions. It also includes old texts set to new tunes, Taize and contemplative music, praise and worship music written in the 20th century and global music. Full worship orders for daily and special services make this hymnal a worship book as well. There are two copies of the new hymnal available in the library for you to borrow and review. Starting this Sunday we will sing at least one hymn every Sunday from the new hymnal. Look for an adult education class on the new hymnal in the fall. The Worship Committee looks forward to your feedback on “Glory to God” as it decides how we might incorporate this hymnal into our services.