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Nominations to Assemble a PNC to Call a Pastor

The Board of Trustees is assembling a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) to call a Pastor.

The PNC will first conduct a mission study in the ministry context; much like the one conducted in 2006, and then will prepare the Church Information Form (CIF).  These tasks are critical steps that must be taken before resumes from potential candidates for Pastor can be received and reviewed. We ask that congregation members give prayerful consideration to serving in this very important next step in the life of FPC in Pitman.

Nominations or self-nominations to serve on the PNC should be sent to Susan Burkart (welderlady@msn.com; 417-3920), Mike Lowe (589-6612), or Sara Donofrio (sarahjdonofrio@gmail.com; 371-8752).  Alternatively, Susan, Sara, and M

ike have mailboxes across from the church office.  You can place your nomination in the mailbox. We need all nominations by May 3rd.