God's Open House

Nursery Remodeling

Perhaps you have noticed the bright colors shining out of nursery, if not you may want to take a peek!  Our updated nursery is now a plethora of colors with animals appearing on the walls ready to welcome our youngest members.

This remodeling project was made possible by a donation from Our Presbyterian Women, and the talents of The Property Committee, Jen Grenier, Nicole Wichart, Susan Burkart, and Connie Bradley.  Plus ALL of the paint and some of the supplies were GENEROUSLY donated by our Pitman Sherman-Williams, whose manager, Clark Sweeney, is the nephew of our very own Rosemary Salotti!  So if you need any paint or paint supplies please kindly consider them or stop in and thank Clark or his assistant Wade for their generosity.  P.S.  The experienced painting team loved the quality of the paint!

Donations are being accepted for new nursery carpeting.  Label donations – Nursery Carpet