God's Open House

Stephen Ministry Training

Announcing upcoming Stephen Ministry training! Starting September 26, 2018, our church has be invited by both Wenonah Presbyterian and Pitman Methodist Churches to participate in Stephen Ministry training for that and subsequent Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9 PM at the Pitman Methodist Church. If you haven’t considered this very worthwhile service before or have any questions, feel free to contact one of our current SMs—Beverly Currier, Ronald Griffith and Margaret Ginter. If you are ready to sign up, please see Pastor Drew or lead SM Margaret Ginter. “I encourage you to at least consider this service which is very unique in terms of the one-to-one relationship from which both parties benefit. I am very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to serve and get to know people better at a time of challenge in that person’s life.” Thank you for your prayerful consideration. Visit here for more information on Stephen Ministries.