God's Open House

Summer Lunch Program 2019

In its fifth year, the Summer Lunch Program finished with a total of 2,410 lunches provided to 62 children in our town. This is a significant increase in lunches, attributed to the fact that the only eligibility requirement was to be Pitman resident. Efforts were made this year to select foods with lower sugar and salt contents and to provide some fresh fruits and vegetables. We received funding from this program from the Pitman Pantry, Pitman Methodist, Helping Hands Club at Pitman Memorial, members and friends of our congregation, and Inspira. We had many helping hands in purchasing, packing, and distributing lunches, as well as volunteering at Bushels of Blessings to gather vegetables that were distributed to families. We thank all those that participated in these activities – many from our church, Pitman Methodist and Baptist churches, and Wenonah Presbyterian. The great success of this mission is in thanks to you.