God's Open House

Sunday School Schedule & Updates

This year’s Sunday School schedule will be as follows: First Sunday of the Month – Family First Sunday – Sunday School students are encouraged to participate in worship. See SS teachers or Merri Owen if interested. 6th grade and up remain in church; one room classroom for Pre-K through 5th grade for craft in upstairs classroom. Second Sunday of the Month – regular classes. Third Sunday of the Month – singing in room 20 for classes Pre-K through 2nd grade; 3rd to 8th grade in regular class. Fourth Sunday of the Month – regular classes. Fifth Sunday of the Month – service project. All students will be dismissed to parent in room 20 after church each week. Our children need YOU! We need volunteers to help during Sunday School. One hour a month or one hour once every two months could be a huge help. Come and sit in a class if you are interested. We supply easy-to-follow curriculum. If you don’t want to teach, volunteer as Shepherd and move from nursery to classrooms to see if help is needed and keep them aware of service timing. The rewards of working with our youth far exceed the effort. Please contact Merri Owen at bmowen1@gmail.com or your child’s Sunday School teacher if interested. Addresses needed! We are looking for addresses for our college students and service personnel. We have a Sunday School project in mind. Please send names and addresses to judeetamaska@hotmail.com, or place them in Judee’s mailbox at the church.