God's Open House

Sunday School Volunteer Teachers

LOOKING TO GET INVOLVED? OUR CHILDREN ARE IN NEED OF YOUR TIME! The Sunday School is looking for people interested in teaching the Sunday School program. No teaching experience or strong Bible knowledge is needed; just a desire to be with the children and teach them the word of God. Any availability to teach will be appreciated, from one Sunday a month to one Sunday every other month or even the fifth Sunday when there is one in the month. You can shadow one of the teachers if that would make you more comfortable with the curriculum. All materials will be provided well in advance of your teaching Sunday. The children are very easy to work with and have a desire to learn the word of God as well as participate in the activities and stories. There is a special need for the Pre-School class and the Kindergarten to 2nd grade class, but it you are interested in teaching the older children, that would be appreciated as well. If you feel that you would be interested in this wonderful opportunity to get involved, please contact Merri Owen or the church office at office.pitmanpres@verizon.net.