God's Open House

“Thank You” from the Deacons

Our God is good! He has given US enough that we were able to help OTHERS. Through generous contributions, in 2018 the Pitman Pantry provided food for a monthly average of over 440 Pitman residents.  And, let us not forget our faithful workers who labor quietly in the background to make this all happen. Lynn and Carol Schoepske carry all our donated food items (most times, very heavy) out to their car each Sunday. They store them until Wednesday (using their refrigerator and/or freezer, if necessary), and then deliver them to the Pantry. Food items purchased from the Food Bank also arrive at the Pantry and someone has to be there to see them unpacked and stacked. Look, and you will see Carol. Sometimes there’s need to “go shopping” to purchase food items from local food markets. Again, a Schoepske we can depend on. And then there every Wednesday afternoon we find Carol working at the Pantry stocking the shelves, filling bags, and seeing to necessary “paperwork.” A major time commitment! So, a big “Thank You” to this husband and wife team, and to all the unnamed others who represent our church and so earnestly work at, and for, the Pitman Pantry to serve our community. -The Deacons