God's Open House

Triennium 2022

Presbyterian Youth Triennium will be held July 24-27, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The theme, developed from Matthew 25 passages, will focus on Christian awareness, discipleship, and compassion. The Triennium Youth Conference is one of the most inspirational and exciting events that our Presbyterian young people will ever experience. They will meet, study, worship with, and celebrate with over 5,000 youth from all over the world in this life-changing event. Now is the time to plan for the Youth Delegation that will be the first to represent the Presbytery For Southern New Jersey! We are also looking for adults to be chaperones and part of the planning team along with youth for the planning team also. More information is to come. We are excited to identify candidates from our church to represent the Presbytery For Southern New Jersey. Please contact the office if interested.