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Update on Mission Study

The Mission Study – Preparing for Nov. 22

The Mission Study that our congregation will complete on Sunday, Nov. 22, is from the largest and most representative surveys of worshippers ever conducted in the United States.  Here is a short outline of what to expect:  Congregation members are asked to complete a survey form during worship.   Since we are in the Stewardship Season, the Mission Study Survey is a form of stewardship   for the direction and future of our church. The survey is short and easy to answer. Your individual responses will be completely confidential, so please do not write your name on the form.  Completely fill the circles for your responses.  Do not use a check mark or an “x.”

After we collect all of the completed forms, we will send them to U.S. Congregations in Louisville, KY, for analysis.  We will receive a profile showing who we are, our church background, and our involvement in the congregation’s activities and ministries.  In addition, we will see how our responses compare to a national picture of all congregations.  In January we will have discussion groups to discuss the results and how the results will guide our path forward.  Having this blueprint is critical to matching our goals and path with the talents and interests of a prospective new minister.

Blessings from the Mission Study Team