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Walk to End Hydrocephalus – September 10th & 23rd

One of our congregation members, Megan Yanefski, suffers from a very painful and complicated case of Hydrocephalus. She has had nearly 70 brain surgeries in only 31 years. Her husband Peter is a captain of “Team Different World” for the Walk to end Hydrocephalus which has two events coming up locally in September.

The two local walks you can participate are September 10th at the Jersey Shore (Bradley Beach) and/or September 23 in Philly (at the navy yard). If you’re able to make it out, please contact Peter Yanefski at 856-508-0771 or Peteryanefski@gmail.com.

If you’re not able to attend either date, please consider supporting their team here:


Anyone interested in walking can also create their own profile there and join the team to help fundraise.