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You can help refugees at Fort Dix!

Request for Volunteers to Serve as Teachers at the Fort Dix Schools for Afghan Refugees

As you may have heard from various news sources, Afghan refugees are being housed at Fort Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey. The Joint Base is playing a critical role in this humanitarian crisis by meeting the basic needs of temporary housing, food, medical care and resettlement assistance.

On January 24th, Fort Dix will begin welcoming children to small informal schools offering English classes, Math classes, arts and crafts, and sports. Classes for younger children will be held in the morning (9am to 12:00pm) and older children in the afternoons (1:00pm to 4:00pm) Monday through Thursday.

Several Afghan guests have volunteered to serve as teachers – but guests are leaving Dix daily and being welcomed to so many new communities around the United States. We are happy to see guest teachers move to new beginnings but students are always sad to see them go.

We are hoping that local volunteers who speak English as a first language (not required) might be available more consistently for specific classes from January 24th to February 25th, when Dix will close.

If you are available any of the mornings or afternoons on school days, we would love to invite you to our team of teachers. You will co-word with a Afghan guest and be provided with a collection of lesson plans and supplies. Classes will be small and kids will be so eager to meet you and learn from you.

All refugees are vaccinated and wear masks.

Please send an email to Maury Mendenhall (mmendenhall@usaid.gov) or call Maury at (571) 228-7508 to learn more about this opportunity.

Please provide the following:
• Your name
• Your email address
• Your phone number
• Your experience working with children
• Your availability to serve as a teacher (Morning 9am-12pm/Afternoon 1-4pm Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs.)

This opportunity is certain to be fun and rewarding.

For questions, contact Vicki Downing.